Stop just waking up like it’s an accident.

Another video that was part of my leadership journey through the small group at work.

I like that he starts off asking critical questions. “What do you want?” “How do you want to live?” I think vision is one of the most important parts of being a leader. Being “successful” isn’t the same for each individual. To some being a successful leader is being well liked by their group/team/workplace. Some people find money to be a measure of successful leadership. This could be personal and/or company profit.  The list can go on, which is why it is CRITICAL to have a vision and know exactly what you are working for. If you don’t know what you want how will you know if you have achieved it? It is only with that vision that you can create a concrete path to lead you towards success.

He uses “fight” and “work” as synonyms. I like that view, because some successes do come with minor effort, but some you do truly have to fight for. In the last year I proved that I can accomplish just about anything, but it may not come easy. If you want it bad enough, it is worth the fight. No one will fight that fight for you though. YOU have to fight to make it happen. Someone else can work on your side to support it, but you won’t get far without the internal drive.

“Letting.” There are so many things that happen that are beyond your control. Other people’s actions, location, weather, flat tires, whatever it may be… it happens sometimes. But these things happen to every single person. Every single person has a bad day. Every person gets caught in the rain without an umbrella. But not every person will learn from their bad day to have better days in the future. Not every person will dance in the rain. There is so much power in personal choice. Life is what you make it, not what happens to you.

“Winning spreads.” I see this statement in a few ways, all true, and all important to attaining your goals. Your attitude is contagious. A group is going to be brought down if their leader is a pessimist. If they feel like they have been given an impossible task, they will see the task as impossible and not try. — “Winning Spreads.” You attract the energy you put out in the world. — Last one, “winning spreads.” Think snowball effect. Don’t let the obstacles keep you from rolling on. Once you start you can use that momentum to carry you over obstacles and towards more and bigger successes.

He advises to eliminate “low self esteem, doubt, and fear.” All internal things that YOU can change. It is up to you though, no one can make you get over your deepest fears, but yourself. Encouragement can help you get over low self esteem, but SELF is the key word. You have to change it.

I loved the part about making a guarantee to yourself. I reflected earlier today about commitments vs goals. When you have a goal it is easy to forgive if you do not meet it. Frequently you are even given another opportunity to meet that goal. When you make a commitment, a guarantee not meeting that results in lack of trust and often not another opportunity. Thinking about a money back guarantee, if the product doesn’t work are you more likely to purchase from THAT company again or keep looking? Exactly.

One thing that he mention was complaining when someone (your boss) is keeping you from succeeding. I do think that sabotage happens, but you can’t just complain without taking action. You have to listen to the criticism and/or evaluate their actions. It may be an obstacle, but if you can overcome it you will be significantly stronger in the end. Or possibly, that isn’t the type of environment you would want to be successful in. Take your talents elsewhere if you have to, but don’t let the bump in the road stop you from reaching your vision for success. He said you should “care more about you then (they) do.” You are what matters at the end of the day, keep moving.

No excuses. Keep moving towards your version of success. It won’t be easy, but it is possible when you fight. “You owe you.”


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