Spotify Discover Weekly

I am kind of in love with Spotify. I spend a sickening amount of time on it. Yes, I pay for the monthly premium membership. My work has blocked streaming services, so the app is all that I have as far as music goes.

Normally I just make a playlist for the next show I am going to and listen to that. At the show I am familiar enough to sing along if I didn’t already know the words. After the show I get a high hearing the songs again. Then it is time for the next show. I am at a little bit of a slow point for concerts right now though. I had Firefly last month. Dave Matthews Band earlier this month and Matisyahu was last week. Then as of right now I don’t have anything else until September. I’m stepping in to a new position at work, still somewhat broke from going on tour in the Spring. There really haven’t been many shows in my area aside from the country shows. I normally travel 3-4 hours for a show since few come through my area, but I just haven’t had time, energy, or money.

Firefly opened my eyes to EDM. I have always been a little bit of an EDM fan, but definitely more of an alt-rock girl. After seeing Zedd, Steve Aoki, and The Chainsmokers at Firefly that is all that I have wanted in my life. For the last month and a half I have been listening to dancePOP, EDM Now, ZEDD Radio, and a few other playlists. Well, a few weeks later I am still not sick of the same songs, but I am definitely craving some diversity and I am wanting to get back to my roots.

Enter The Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist.

Anne Furlow Spotify Weekly

WOW. Thank you! It is the perfect transition playlist to start to diversify my music again. It just makes my heart happy. They really hit the nail on the head with a lot of these songs. I am so looking forward to seeing what they picked for me next week!

In no particular order, these are my top 10 from this week’s playlist.

  1. Crystals – Of Monsters and Men — Not a new discovery since I have already heard this one on the radio. It wouldn’t have been my go to when creating a playlist, but I love when it comes up!
  2. Skinny Love – Fareoh Remix – Birdy — This is the first song that played when I hit shuffle. Just a beautiful song with some great dance breaks in there.
  3. I Want U – Alison Wonderland — This song just screams sex. Wow. I WISH I still did pole dancing so I could do a routine to this song. I wish I had seen this set at Firefly. Again, not a discovery, but a song I found more appreciation for.
  4. Contagious – Night Riots — This band makes me a little sad, because they were supposed to open for SomeKindaWonderful a few shows during the spring tour, so I would have seen them a few times. They got a sweet chance to tour with The Mowglis though, so I understand why they had to pull out. Still stinks, but I still love this song by them.
  5. The Seeds You Sow – Prides — I fell in love with this band this week. This was the best find of the playlist. I can only hear their 4 song EP in the US, because their album hasn’t been released here just yet. I have listened to that EP though on repeat a few times. Messiah is my favorite! I am kind of obsessed. Please check them out so they will start to have more traction in the US and I can see them soon!
  6. Next Year – RAC Remix – Two Door Cinema Club — I love the groove of this song.
  7. Fools Gold – Fitz and The Tantrums — I have missed two opportunities to see them within the last year and it kind of kills me. I have listened to their album “More Than Just a Dream” a few times, but for some reason I was surprised when I heard this song that it wasn’t a new single. GREAT song!
  8. Jubel – Klingande — I love this song. It feels like you are on a groovy journey when you listen to it. Not something I would have found without this playlist. I am in love with it though and may end up making it a ringtone… because that sax is incredible in it.
  9. Real – Years & Years — I was surprised this was the same band that did “King.” I hear the similarities now that I know, but I really thought I found a new band when I heard this one. He has a great smooth voice and I am totally digging the beat in this one.
  10. Youth – Foxes — I really didn’t try to rank this list in any way. I just typed them as they appeared on the playlist, but I may have saved the best for last. This song is so much fun to sing and dance to! She sounds like one of my favorites, Prinze George.

I don’t think there is any way I can share a link to my playlist since it is just for this week, but I will post all 30 songs below. I also got some Mumford & Sons and Andrew McMahon ITW on there. Found a love for Hoodie Allen and Jai Wold. They also threw in Doses & Mimosas which gave me good memories of The Strip to This Tour back in January.

Basically, throw down your $9 each month and praise the Spotify Gods, because this discover weekly playlist is a game changer…for me at least.

  1. Reality Dream – Morning Parade
  2. Indian Summer – Jai Wolf
  3. Weekend – Jai Wolf Remix – Mocki Jai Wolf
  4. Crystals – Of Monsters and Men
  5. Skinny Love – Fareoh Remox – Birdy
  6. How We Feel – Panama
  7. I Want U – Alison Wonderland
  8. Heartbreaker (feat. John Legend) – MSTRKRFT John Legend
  9. Contagious – Night Riots
  10. The Seeds You Sow – Prides
  11. Ways to Go – Grouplove
  12. Next Year – RAC Remix – Two Door Cinema Club
  13. Close Enough (feat. Noosa) – Ghost Beach
  14. Fools Gold – Fitz and The Tantrums
  15. Weekend – Priory
  16. Songs I Can’t Listen To – Neon Trees
  17. Jubel – Klingande
  18. Real – Years & Years
  19. Awkward (EP Version) – San Cisco
  20. Cecilia And The Satellite – Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
  21. Doses and Mimosas – Variable D
  22. The Wolf – Mumford & Sons
  23. Tomorrow – Madi Diaz
  24. All About It (feat. Ed Sheeran) – Hoodie Allen Ed Sheeran
  25. Fiona Coyne – Skylar Spence
  26. Calling Out (Elephante Remix) – Penguin Prison
  27. Love Again – Cedric Gervais Ali Tamposi
  28. High Tide – Lamaitre
  29. Youth – Foxes
  30. Get Me Golden – Terraplane Sun

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