Music & Social Media

So I am back in school and this semester I am taking a class on one of my favorite topics, Social Media. It is a passion of mine. I love seeing it constantly evolve. I love seeing people’s reactions on it. I get most of my news from Twitter. I keep in touch with the majority of my network on Facebook. I get stress relief on instagram. I keep a running video diary on Snapchat. It is truly a love of mine.

My twitter account @RockAnnneRoll is largely dedicated to music as well as my normal life. I follow quite a few bands, RT and favorite their posts, I interact with other fans, exc. Because of that I get follows from newer bands frequently. If I follow back within a few hours I will have a message in my inbox asking me to check out a music video or dong on SoundCloud. For awhile I would look at 90% of the ones I got. Most of them were some punk or metal band that I just couldn’t vibe with. So eventually I just started ignoring them.

Most of the time if I add them I’ll never hear from them again and they unfollow the same day I unfollow them. I have no clue how long ago artist “Leaving Richmond” started following me on Twitter and Instagram. It has been a few months though. I know this, because he actually interacts, unlike most other bands. Not just music stuff too, my real life stuff. It had caused me to pay more attention to him, however for whatever reason I never took the time to actually listen to his music. Well, I have been missing out. Tonight after finishing up some school work I hopped on Twitter like most nights and I saw his tweet about having a new song on SoundCloud. I didn’t currently have anything playing so I figured I would roll with it. I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t what I got. His latest track hit the spot, it was exactly what I wanted to hear. Now I have his whole SoundCloud on repeat. “The Danger of Standing Still” is the song that captured my attention. Honorable mention to “With Your Own 2 Hands” though. I actually sent him a DM apologizing for not listening sooner.

So my question is, how does a band get noticed on social media?

It isn’t enough to follow and get them to follow you back. Are bands actually successful when they DM people asking them to listen to their music?

Is it the personal interaction that really matters?

How much time does a band have to invest in an individual to get them to notice them?

How does an established band interact while still keeping a professional distance? Or does professionalism go out the window when it comes to social media (twitter).

Is it more important to have a single active band page or have each member create individual profiles?

So many questions about music and social media….

While I work on figuring that out… check out Leaving Richmond for some pretty great instrumental jams…


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