Rejoining the concert community

The music world isn’t the same after being on tour. After a few shows I lost the thrill of seeing the venue empty before the show. Soundcheck became a routine instead of like a private show I felt privileged to see. (I usually took that time to explore whatever city we were in.) After a few days the guys went from performers to friends.

I used to travel hours for shows, wait in the cold after the show to meet the band just for a selfie, I never missed a show. Since coming home I had tickets to one show for one of my favorite groups, and I couldn’t get myself to do that four hour drive. Then I had the opportunity to see a band locally for free, wasn’t worth giving up a girls night in.


That all sounded really pessimistic! Not my intention at all! I still love concerts and being a part of the concert community. I still have twitter alerts for several of my favorite groups. Music still has my heart and live music will always make me swoon. Things are just different going from life behind the scenes. I have significantly more respect for the artists and their production.

Things are just different now. I’m thankful for it. I am so thankful that I had such an eyeopening experience. The concert community is largely populated by teenagers. I always stuck out as a twenty something. It works in my favor, because thats how I could meet the bands and on a few occasions hang out with them before or after the shows. I have had a blast being involved in the concert community in that way. However, I am thankful for my new prospective and I am excited to start experiencing the music experience in a new way.

Things will never be the same. I have learned several sobering truths and I have become desensitized to some of the magic. At the same time I have found magic in new areas. I have new appreciation and respect. My heart still beats a little faster when I hear the hype song and the first few notes of a set. I am definitely not going to stop going to concerts. I just might use my time in different ways instead of traveling three hours or more every two weeks for a show.


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