Ingrid Michaelson: Lights Out Tour


Wow! I was really slacking! It has been two weeks since this show and I never sat down to write about it! I kind of forgot about it honestly. I guess that kind of tells you how the concert was. Okay, that sounds really bad. It was a wonderful show! Keep in mind for the three weeks leading up to the show I attended three back to back Cherub shows. Every night was a party in the crowd. I made friends, I drank, I danced, and I sang screamed along. Ingrid Michaelson’s performance, as you may have guessed, had a very different energy than Cherub.


I started out my day in New York City. We were out until almost 5am that morning so getting on the road by noon was tough. I made it happen though. I even made it on time for my dinner reservation next door at Coda. Y’all I can’t speak enough good things about that place. If you are seeing a show at The National check it out!


The crowd at this show was just so chill. It was several groups of girls nights and couples. I had some polite conversations with the other people on the barricade, but I didn’t make any connections worth remembering.16248592148_a8b51eb7a4_h

Greg Holden was the opener. I had hard of him, but I wasn’t too familiar with him. He is a cutie though! His set was great! He is extremely talented and also had some talented back up. I have actually heard him on the radio a few times since seeing the show!


Ingrid Michselson is easily the funniest performer that I have seen! She was fantastic! She didn’t take her show too seriously. She had a great group backing her up. And again, I can’t stress enough how funny she is!! I really enjoyed her performance, she is so very talented.


After the show I got to meet Greg Holden at the mercy booth. I went out to the busses where the tour manager informed us that Ingrid wouldn’t be coming out, because she wasn’t feeling well. She took some things on the bus and ingrid signed them. She even took selfies of her with our phones. It was a sweet gesture. I wish I could have met her, but I am not a super fan or anything so I wasn’t heartbroken.



This is easily the worst blog I have ever written. I guess it is better than rambling. It was a great show and I am so thankful that I went. There just wasn’t much to it. The crowd was relaxed. The opener and headliner were good. There wasn’t anything fancy or overly memorable. Plus I am writing this two weeks after the show so it is a little hard to recall details. When I was talking about the shows I have went to this year I actually forgot to count this one. Oops. She was great, I will see her again is she is in my area, but I probably won’t road trip to see her again.

You can see all my pictures from the show here.



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