Pre- Burn It Up Tour


I go through phases with music. I will find an album and listen to it non stop for weeks then not touch it for a year. I will still enjoy the artist and their music, but it won’t be fresh on my mind getting stuck in my head. My friends have seen these trends for the last seven years that we have been together. That is why they is a little shocked that I am still as in love with SomeKindaWonderful as I was when I first started listening to them. I have said it countless times, there is something different about SomeKindaWonderful.


There is something special about these guys and their music. Maybe I just discovered them at the right point in my life. Whatever the reason is, I connect with them. I care about them and want their success more than I thought was possible for me to want for a group of almost strangers.

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I am fortunate to have gotten close to a few of them over the last few months, since I last saw them. The rest I am sure I will get to know soon enough… BECAUSE they finally announced their Spring tour! I was fortunate to get a few dates leaked to me before the big reveal which helped with some pre planning, but now with all the dates posted I am ready to map everything out!


If you remember a few months ago I started my great campaign to be a SomeKindaMerchGirl. I know it is kind of ridiculous for me to drop everything and go on the road with some band. Really though, I don’t give a shit. It would be one of those once in a lifetime things to travel the country with them. (Well, twice in a lifetime. I did that whole travel the US by bus back in 2007) I don’t know how much longer I will be able to jump on an opportunity like this since we will probably start having kids within the next few years. Well, last week I got up the nerve to ask the SKW Manager, Nima, for the chance to join them. His first response was just a flat out “you’re crazy, no.” After about four hours of texting I ended up with the most vague “probably not now but maybe one day” response. A big step up from him calling me crazy, but still not the “yes” I was hoping for. At least I have the idea in his head for him to consider down the road. I’m not giving up all hope. Too bad I don’t remember how to work a lighting board from my days in high school theater, that would be my next pitch…

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So since I won’t be joining the crew this round I am planning another solo road trip to see them as many times as possible. My hope was to take about two weeks off, but they will be too deep in to the US at that point for me to drive. Plus, driving myself that far for such a long time would be pretty dangerous since I don’t sleep (or eat) much on these adventures. So right now my plan is to start on either the first or second night of tour in Rhode Island or New York. I haven’t really decided if I will make the trip all the way to RI yet, but I am tempted since it is a place I haven’t visited yet. That is the fun thing about all this road tripping. I m fueled by wanderlust the whole time. After that first show I will be able to follow them to the other NY show, Philly, DC, Atlanta, then my last stop will be North Carolina. I should actually know people at each show since I have been to all of these locations before. I love the concert community so so much! I am hoping to get some of my friends from back home to make plans to go to the Atlanta show.

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Seven shows doesn’t seem like enough for these guys, but the closest they will be coming is the last two tour dates when they come to Ohio. I’m not ruling it out, but I am not counting on it either.


This tour announcement has been so exciting for me, because I helped come up with the concept. When I pitched it to Nima at first I wasn’t sure if he would take it seriously. But he did and for the last few weeks he has kept me in the loop on it. It has been a lot of fun. I am a huge dork when it comes to marketing and social media and an even bigger dork when it comes to SomeKindaWonderful. I am so thankful that he let me in on this experience. They executed it really well too. I’m a little bummed it will only be up for 24 hours, that’s the whole point of snapchat though. You can read about the announcement in a blog I wrote for promotion reasons here.

1622655_10203505573656211_2807124237504961144_n 10845963_10203505573456206_4855982843909763792_n-1

Today I took the job of “SomeKindaWonderful/Nima’s bitch” Haha! I had the day off and I spent several hours promoting this tour. There isn’t anything I would rather have been doing though, don’t get me wrong. I was e-mailing, tweeting, and making youtube videos. Pretty much anything that I could do to help spread the word. There is very little I wouldn’t do for these guy’s success.


I had a few people ask if I was upset that I wasn’t getting any credit for my idea. So I will answer that right now, no. I am just so thankful to have been involved on this journey and to get the inside information that I have gotten. I am not helping them for my benefit, it is all for the Butterfly Militia and making sure these guys are successful in the US so I don’t lose them to Europe forever. A tweet mentioning me isn’t going to do anything for them and really it isn’t going to do anything for me in the long run. So no, yall are silly. I am not in the slightest bit upset that they haven’t publicly announced. Haha!

1450114_10203505556015770_4808920468574303396_n 1458523_10203505502734438_8521353504707093855_n

I am having a blast with SomeKindaWonderful though and I cannot express to you how excited I am to be a part of the tour and their overall success in any way that I can. There is still about 12 days until I will need to get my March/April schedule request to my boss so if anyone wants to campaign to Nima to let me at least ride with them for the first half of tour (Or just shut up and hire me for the whole tour) please be my guest! It would be way safer if they can find room for me in their van even if it isn’t for the whole tour. Whether Nima somehow changes his mind and hires me, I can convince them to let me tag along in the van, or I just end up driving solo I am so excited for this tour!


(PS This is Nima, the man you need to campaign haha)

I can’t freakin wait for March!! Is it too early to start a countdown??


UPDATE Feb 7, 2015: Passion and persistence paid off. I will be doing their merch for the first 8 shows of the tour. I am so excited!


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