OH SNAP! SomeKindaWonderful announced a new tour!! ON SNAPCHAT!

Back in December SomeKindaWonderful announced that they were going to be doing a Spring Tour. They first announced their upcoming tour in an e-mail following their Fall 2014 tour supporting Bad Suns and New Politics.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.44.03 AM

All over social media their fans were dying to see more of their fun performance and to hear more of their genre-defying setlist…

2014 ended with the guys visiting Germany to prepare a few teasers for their upcoming world wide album release. Meanwhile fans from across the US were waiting with increasing anticipation. Finally in January everyone’s prayers were answered…sorta…

That was enough to keep up hope! Then they even started playing games to guess the tour schedule getting everyone hyped up for their upcoming tour…

It wasn’t before long that people started questioning SomeKindaWonderful’s definition of “soon”

They insisted that dates were coming… soon….

But how soon is soon when you are SomeKindaWonderful…

At this point I think they were just messing with us. Finally last night they gave us what they have been teasing for months. They made it well worth the wait too.

SomeKindaWonderful is known for having a unique connection with their fans. They have gone above and beyond connecting with their “Butterfly Militia” by sending hand written letters, video chatting, tweeting and retweeting, and one of the easiest ways they have connected is through SnapChat. So it makes perfect sense that they use social media to announce their upcoming tour!


Last night Jordy Towers took to SnapChat and announced each city in a video. Viewers were encouraged to screen shot their city and tag SnapChat, the venue, and of course SomeKindaWonderful to get the word out! Immediately the tweets started pouring in for what has to be one of the coolest tour announcements in social media. The videos were posted around 8pm EST so there are still a few more hours for you to go check it out and screen shot your city! I know I’ll be at an obnoxious amount of East Coast Dates so say hey if you see me there!!

Hover over this next image with the snapchat icon to add them or just search somekindawonder

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.55.55 AM

Keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too! Who knows what they will do next…

15614_10203925042062659_5992140552184622728_n 1558531_10203925042102660_8495932682222452622_n 1622865_10203925035622498_2812695046200966186_n 1795493_10203925042142661_6670092295245237312_n 10603574_10203925045982757_4593193868040005965_n 10612799_10203925042662674_413481836660743005_n 10646629_10203925048382817_5897835058896393441_n 10931009_10203925042022658_8478891204276677445_n 10952577_10203925042822678_5589817071905530511_n 10953185_10203925045422743_8085833075620025837_n 10958296_10203925035582497_1750760083879009262_n 10959879_10203925042702675_8619867909659956845_n 10959907_10203925046022758_731237949843994231_n 10978564_10203925045942756_2577744896610755646_n


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