Evan Button Album Release Party

Last week I went to my first music event of the year. It was a small local show at the Oceanfront. A few months ago my friend Kaila introduced me to an artist she discovered on Twitter, Jackson LeBeau. I also fell in love with his music. It was a no brainer that we would go see him play next time he had a show in Virginia Beach. The moment the show was announced it was on the calendar.

I was particularly excited for this show. It was my first show in VA with local artists and my first show of 2015. Also I have talked to Jackson a few times on twitter and he seemed really nice, I was looking forward to meeting him.


It was a really great show! It was in a restaurant that cleared out tables for stage and dance floor area. I can’t imagine how annoying it must have been for the servers trying to carry food and drinks through the crowd from the kitchen. I am sure they have had to tackle that challenge before. There was a really lively crowd. I am not very familiar with this area’s local music scene, so I don’t know how well known this event was. I am under the impression that 95% of the crowd was friends and family of Evan and Jackson. I also say this, because of the LARGE amount of high school kids and their families, presumably classmates of Evan. (Why didn’t any of the guys I went to High School with get in to music until AFTER High School? Actually, maybe one of them had a band that I never saw. I don’t really remember.) It was pretty cool to see all the support whether they were fans or friends.


The show opened with Evan Button performing a set of covers. Kaila and I hung out at the bar and enjoyed a few drinks. I didn’t get any clear recordings of the covers since we were at the bar. Everything sounded great though! After his first set I went over to say hello. I hadn’t talked to him too much on social media, but I added him on all the social media outlets when the show was announced. He knew who I was when I went over to him. He even remembered my last name. I was impressed! I am so terrible with names. (I am still struggling to remember the names of the two guys in the band I am seeing tonight!) I didn’t want to take up too much of his time on his big night so our conversation was short. Of course I grabbed my selfie, you know me. (#SelfieQueen) He was such a sweet kid though, and I am glad I went over to meet him.


The second set was Jackson LeBeau and Co. We moved from the bar for his set and sat closer to the stage so we could get a better view. Their set was very good! They did a few songs I knew from listening on Spotify, a few covers, and a few songs they wrote that I hadn’t heard yet. I just love their sound! Definitely check them out!


After their set Kaila and I went over to meet Jackson. After getting such a warm genuine greeting from Evan, meeting Jackson wasn’t exactly what I expected. He was still nice and we got a picture with him. I also met the female vocals, Suzie who was such a sweetheart! We will definitely see them again next time they do a show locally.


The main event was Evan Button performing his new album. I was very impressed with his performance! The album is called Walking on Earth. You can download it on iTunes or check it out here on Spotify. It is definitely worth a listen. The guy has talent and you can tell he has a passion for what he is doing. I caught myself humming some of his album for a few days after the show. It is catchy stuff! I certainly hope I will see him perform again.

The whole evening was really great! Since it wasn’t a ticketed event I decided I needed something to take with me to fill in the place of a ticket stub in my memory box. So as we made our exit Kaila helped me re-home a poster. I hope it wasn’t missed. It is in good hands now though. Both Jackson LeBeau and Evan Button are extremely talented artists. I highly suggest you check them out!

You can see my pictures from this show here on Facebook. I tweet most of my Concert Adventures with #AFLive15 give me a follow at @SomeKindaAnneF 

I have my next concert adventure in Richmond tonight and my first EDM show! It should be pretty interesting…

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