Miracle on Broad Street 2014 (Night 1)

This will be my last concert recap of 2014. It is pretty heartbreaking that I didn’t start this until the Everywhere I Go Tour. I wish I could go back and read my recap of my early shows. I just did a pic of (almost) all my merch and concert tickets from this year and WOW! I couldn’t fit all of it in the frame! What a year it has been! A post on all of that will come later.

THIS post is about my last concert of 2014: Night 1 of XL102 Richmond’s Miracle on Broadstreet at The National. I bought tickets for this show before they even announced on Twitter that they were on sale. (Thanks SongKick). I was excited for Bleachers. I already had my tickets to see them at Winter Meltdown. Walk the Moon though… that one had me beyond excitement.


Walk the Moon will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. Back in August 2012 my husband deployed for the first time. I took it pretty hard. Never have I had to take off work for “personal reasons” (read, because I couldn’t stop crying at my desk). It was hard being away from him for the first time in our marriage and living in a place where I had barely been half of a year. I didn’t have a strong local support system. I didn’t even have contacts with people on the boat he was deploying with. It was rough. That weekend I was watching True Blood on HBO and they showed a promo for their fall shows. (I tried to find it on youtube, but I couldn’t, oh well). The music to that promo was “Anna Sun” by Walk the Moon. I loved it and immediately looked it up. Their album had just come out a few weeks before so I was able to quickly find it on iTunes. I listened to that album almost non stop for the first few weeks of deployment. It made me smile, it made me dance. It was exactly what I needed. Meanwhile somewhere under an undisclosed amount of feet under the sea my husband sat on and broke his iPod. When they pulled in to port at the end of August he was able to get some music on his iPad, my most recent purchases. So he had Walk the Moon, and one other, I think it was Pink’s album. Since he didn’t have anything else that is what he listened to for about two months straight. It was a shock to me when he knew the words better than I did after deployment. I will always be thankful for that music getting both of us through that time.


Back to MOBS…

My husband was actually able to leave early to come to this show with me. I have been traveling solo to every show for the last few months, so it was weird having a sidekick. I still drove, I enjoy my driving and car dancing. Plus, I wanted to give him the opportunity to sleep a bit since he did work that morning.

We got to the venue a few hours early. We had reservations for the early entry program with the restaurant next door though. We didn’t need to get there QUITE so early, but I made gifts for Walk the Moon and Bleachers so I hoped to catch them before soundcheck. Unfortunately, they had already arrived and brought their things in to the venue by the time we got there. After getting odd looks from the venue security I waited a little down the street hoping that they would come out for a smoke break or something and I could catch them. My husband wasn’t having any of this waiting foolishness and went back to the car. After a little more than an hour I was starting to lose hope. I was looking for pretty much anyone who didn’t look like they were with The National. It felt really creepy and it isn’t something I plan to do again, but I already had the gifts and I didn’t want to go home with them. Finally the stage door opened and Eli from Walk the Moon came out to get something from their van. I went over to him and said hello. I told him about the gifts and he said to just knock on the door when I came back from my car. I pretty much sprinted to my car to get them. I didn’t want to keep him waiting and risk him not being there. True to his word he was right inside the stage door when I returned. I got to talk to him for a few minutes. The other guys were setting up for sound check so they couldn’t come out. Might have been a lie, but whatever, one out of four isn’t that bad. Especially since he told me they were leaving after their set. I was glad I didn’t wait until after the show! I also gave him the gift for Bleachers, because i was done doing the weird creeper thing down by the bus stop hoping to see SOMEONE.


After meeting Eli I went back to the car and brought out my faceprint. It is a thing at WTM shows, and I was getting the full experience! I even practiced the night before. I also was rockin’ a WTM shirt that I had made the night before…


Rusty and I had dinner together at the restaurant next door to get early entry in the venue. That was nice, but the service was little slower than I would have liked. I know what to do for next time though. I ran in to a few people who were at Winter Meltdown the week before which was cool. I have said before, I love the concert community. That is one great thing about going to concerts alone, it forces me to connect too. I can strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone at this point.


I found out before the show that there was some local band opening the show. The ticket said just WTM and Bleachers, so I didn’t know anything about this local band, not even their name to try to get info. Well, turns out their name is Prinze George and they aren’t a local band, but they are an east coast band so I guess that is local enough. They were phenomenal! It took me a song to figure out their groove, but once I figured out what they were all about I was hooked. They are just a trio. It looks like before August it was just a duo actually. They added a kick ass lady drummer at that point, good call guys! They have a very electronic rock vibe. The lead singer, Naomi, is just stunning on stage. She does the same fun funky dance moves that Sarah from SomeKindaWonderful does and so I was obviously in love. The guitarist/keyboardist, Kenny, was great to watch and he was very talented. His hair definitely sticks out in your mind after the set lol. Then as I mentioned before, Isabelle, the drummer was fantastic! Even as excited as I was for WTM and Bleachers I was wanting more Prinze George after their set. I am definitely a fan and I won’t hesitate to get in the car and road trip to see them hopefully a few times in 2015. After the show I posted about them on instagram and learned Nima the SKW manager has already checked them out and was even hoping that they would open for SKW at some point. Definitely validated my love for PG. I have listened to their three songs on spotify almost every day since the show. “This Time” is my favorite. Check it out!



Second up was Walk the Moon. I recently watched their set live streaming from a California show. I knew they opened with Circle of Life from the Lion King. I thought I was ready. Nope. There was no keeping my cool when I heard it coming out of the speakers. I was way excited. Their entire set was EXACTLY what I hoped a WTM show would be. They are one of the bands who doesn’t have anything prerecorded for their shows. Everything you hear they are playing or singing. Definitely something that I appreciate in a band. Their energy was just through the roof. I really didn’t stop dancing the whole time. I was head banging, swaying, jumping, all of it while singing along. They did a REALLY good job with their setlist. It was a good mix of their old songs and their new ones. I can’t say enough about their energy for real though! They were just amazing. I already have tickets to a few of their shows in the Spring and I will definitely buy more tickets once SomeKindaWonderful announces their next tour. I don’t want to waste a WTM ticket if it conflicts with when I will be following SKW.


I know eventually I will get over the need to be a barricade girl. The sound quality is better in the back, I won’t have the energy or desire to wait in line just so I can be in the front row. That hasn’t happened yet though. I need to be IN THE SHOW. I get lost in the performance, without the barricade I might not be able to find my way back. For PG and WTM there was a barricade feud going on. After the WTM set, it worked in my favor and I was able to go from second row to first. Second show in a row that I have gotten lucky in that way.


Bleachers should always headline. I loved them when I saw them last week at Winter Meltdown, but Jack and his group took it to a new level for this show. They were just jaw dropping amazing! I was on the other side of the stage vs Meltdown, so I got a different prospective which was great. I am just so impressed with every single member of this group. It is such a treat to see them perform.


After the show Rusty went to the car, but I hung around hoping to meet Bleachers. Why not? It was the last show of the year for me, the drive back was only two hours. I had work the next day, but I didn’t want to miss my chance to meet them. Unlike before the show I knew they had to come out eventually.

It was a long wait.

It was a really long, really cold wait. Honestly though, I would do it again. I met some great people in line, including one who had been to a few of the same shows as me that I connected with on Twitter. Again, gotta love the concert community. It started out with about 40-50 people and then it ended up being a loyal like 15 of us I think.

10377614_10203579161415859_3915972924879381651_n 10433161_10203579164375933_3184131967342186248_n

We had a special treat that made the waiting just that much better. Prinze George hung around after the show and came over to say hello on their way to leave. They were so very nice and they seemed like the kind of group I could hang with for sure. I adore them!


Finally Jack came out and i got my selfie that I waited so long to get. He thanked me for the booze arrangement and asked my name. When he was about to leave I got one more pic with him and he repeated my name to make sure he remembered it. I am confident that as soon as he got on the bus he forgot it. It felt pretty good knowing that he knew it just for a few minutes though.


The whole experience was just amazing. One of the top concerts of the year for sure.

10846050_10203579175976223_8753879911797020434_n10002986_10203579192616639_8945489264136971571_n 10846298_10203579166255980_4174145658399365503_n    1560734_10203579191456610_5696302233417401683_n10868270_10203579191376608_1221842114321130568_n10857724_10203579172616139_7836585577485885976_n


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