A Butterfly Militia Weekend



I bought an album the other day, the same album twice actually. I had already preordered it on iTunes, then when I had the opportunity to get a signed copy I just had to go for it. Inside the CD was a message from the band…


This is why I love music and the artists that create it. It is a shared experience. The artists pour their hearts, souls, time, energy, exc in to their music. Then we, the listeners, take it and it becomes part of our lives. I can’t tell you how many songs take me back to certain points of my life. Songs can remind me of remind me of the bad and the good times. Some music gives me confidence, some music makes me feel so much that I can’t help but cry.




So, last month for my birthday I got to follow New Politics to three of their shows on the Everywhere I Go Tour. You can check that adventure out here. Amazing experience! After the shows I had crazy post concert depression. I bought a whole string of concert tickets for some amazing bands, but the only cure for Everywhere I Go Tour Depression is more Everywhere I Go Tour (maybe I should have tried cowbell). The closest the tour was coming to me was Philly, five hours away. I asked my boss for the weekend off, not expecting it when I found out it was Thanksgiving weekend. When she gave it to me I gave her a huge hug! We aren’t huggers in the office, so she was highly confused.

Since my booze arrangement went so well at the last show, I wanted to do another one. I decided to scale it down a bit since there would only be one more night on tour, I didn’t know how far away I would have to park, and I wanted to make two more for the crew and Bad Suns. I enjoy making the arrangements, I have a lot of fun with them. It is a fun gift to give and it is also memorable. I also wanted to do something a little different this time…1528474_10203474692444200_5318003726493914490_n10426542_10203493311429663_6690984804978696249_n

Explaining the unexplainable.

There is something about SomeKindaWonderful. I tried to capture it in my SomeKindaBlog here, but after rereading it I don’t think I quite nailed it as well as I would have liked. Their music is unlike anything else in a way that it captures the best of so many musical elements. There is something about it that draws me in and makes me want to be apart of it… if that makes any sense. That is why I have embraced this whole #ButterflyMilitia thing. I have mentioned before, I don’t like to be in the “fan club”. It just isn’t my personality. The Butterfly Militia is different somehow.

SomeKindaWonderful’s journey is a really cool thing to watch and I wanted to find a way to be a part of their experience and give them something that they gave me. So I went to the store and got some fabric and some new sharp scissors. I turned on some trashy TV one night and started cutting 100 butterflies for little flags. It started with just doing 50, but I had extra fabric, so why not just finish it all off. The goal was for SKW to see them during their show and feel the love from all these people who were seeing them for the first time and not just the familiar faces in the crowd. Also for the crowd to feel involved with the show in a unique way. Plus they all got to take home something that will help them remember the first opening band with the butterfly.

So I made all the flags, I made my booze arrangements… I still had a week to go until the show. I honestly have no clue how I came to this decision, but at some point between the Friday before the show and the Wednesday before the show I bought a ticket to Buffalo.


On The Road Again.

So Friday morning I started my car and plugged my phone in as I backed out of the drive way (lol). This is the part that you probably want to hear all about, if I haven’t told you the story already of course lol. However, this is where I don’t want to go in to all the details on the what happened when. I more want to capture how it made me feel. I already wrote a FULL recap in a password protected post, that is mostly just for me. I forget things easily lol. This is more of a thank you and if I haven’t convinced you to listen to SomeKindaWonderful yet, maybe you will give me a chance.10320543_10203477112104690_4628625167719625654_n


Did it work yet? (CONFESSION: I think that is the first time I have actually watched the music video on my TV with no distractions since seeing them live for the first time. Usually when I share it with someone I am trying to read their reaction to know what song I should play for them next.)

Okay if you want to keep reading and listen later, it is your loss. I promise you their music is better than anything you will read on here.



I arrived in Buffalo in the afternoon and I was able to talk to a few people in line who agreed to hold my spot in line while I gave out my gifts to the bands. I started with Gavin (from Bad Suns) who was out back smoking a cigarette. I always feel so bad interrupting them during their personal time, but I wanted to give them the booze.


Shortly after giving Gavin the gift for Bad Suns SKW showed up. Jordy was actually the one that I saw. It had been a month since meeting them in Atlanta. He was about to head inside so I had to call his name to catch him. I wasn’t expecting him to look as excited to see me as I was to see him. It was almost like seeing an old friend. THAT is why being a part of the Butterfly Militia is such an amazing experience. You are a part of something big… or at least something that will be big. (Soon worldwide woohoo!) I had the opportunity to hang out with the manager and talk before the show. I got answers to some of the questions that I had been wondering since the first round of shows and I learned a lot about the band members and their history.



Giving Back.

Before the show I went out to the line and passed out my flags to the first 100 people in line. If I could do it again I would have had someone record it. It was so FUN going down the line, getting people hyped for SKW, most whom had never heard about them. In hindsight I also would have made a small slip of paper with their name and #ButterflyMilitia so they could get connected on Instagram and Twitter. Also no flags, they are awkward to wave in a concert setting… banners without sticks next time… lesson learned haha. Anyways, it was a BLAST getting to talk to the people out there about SKW. Getting them hyped up and hearing them cheer. They brought their energy to the venue with them. SKW put on the best show I have seen from them. The energy and passion was radiating from them on stage. After their set the room was buzzing with praise for them. They aren’t exactly the same genre as the other two bands on the tour, so it is always interesting to hear the reception. I do truly believe that they have something for everyone that gives them a chance though.


Oh yeah. They were just the opener.

I love New Politics to pieces. I drove all the way to NY last month for 24 hours so I could be in their music video. This trip was really more for SomeKindaWonderful though. They got the show kicked off right! New Politics also had the best set that I had the opportunity to see out of the five dates that I went to. My cool moment of the night was when Louis gave me his drumstick. Like at the end of the show he saw me, went back to his drum set to get it and actually handed it to me.

Before the show I somehow ended up with a meet and greet wristband without buying another shirt (thank you). So I hung out and met up with a girl who I “met” on twitter before the show. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to my phone and I could have gone out and seen SKW before they left for the night. I had a cool meet and greet with the NP guys though. It is fun being remembered.

I hung around Buffalo after the show. I waited for the NP guys to give them and their crew their booze gifts. Met the bass player for Stonesour which was also pretty neat. Talked to Sprout and then got to talk to each of the guys in NP. It was so cold, but I was glad I hung around. I am not really big on autographs, but I did want Lou to sign my drum stick.



Then I drove some more…

I left a little late the next morning, but I still managed to get to Philly around 2pm. On the way down a girl in a New Politics Facebook Group mentioned that she was already there and I said I would join her. I had a really fun time in line with everyone. I got to meet two other New Politics Fans from North Carolina who travel for a lot of the same shows I go to. We met before, but this was our first time actually talking. I got to talk to a few girls who I met at the Everywhere I Go video shoot the month before too. I travel for most of these shows I usually ride solo. It isn’t a big deal to me, because I have met so many amazing people across the east coast! If I keep it up at this rate I will know someone at a show no matter what eastern state I go to. (life goals) Who knows, maybe the military will send us to the west coast and I can have both sides covered!

I think at this point you understand that I went to the show again. The bands were SomeKindaWonderful, Bad Suns, and New Politics. They were all amazing. Blah blah blah. I wouldn’t have driven so far if the show wasn’t worth it.


Post Show Fun…

After the show was one really fun experience. I left the venue after the show and got to hang out with Jordy, Nima, and Big Red in their van. I was introduced to this fantastic spunky girl named Lina, whom I instantly clicked with. For one night we got to say “we’re with the band.” It is SUPER cheesy, but honestly we were are so thankful for the experience, it was a blast. It was really fun getting to know everyone in the group. They were banned from booze, but they had gotten my gift earlier, so they had a supply that definitely aided Ben and Gibson. Lina and I helped SKW pack things up from the dressing room and carry them to the van. Once we realized we might actually be more in the way than helping we decided to crash the NP meet and greet. We got this epic picture with the guys doing the butterfly militia symbol. Lou looks PISSED! I have no idea if it was intentional or not, but it makes me laugh so hard every time I see it.


It really was a fun night. I have tons of selfies to prove it lol. It was really sweet of them to adopt myself and Lina in to their family for the night. We left feeling pretty fucking lucky. I feel like I should say more about it, but I don’t really want to. It was a lot of talking, laughing, and even a little dancing. It was exactly what I hoped it would be.


Thank you.

Music has given me so much throughout my life. From dance, to touring the US with Spirit Drum and Bugle Corps, to joining Sigma Alpha Iota. I have given back to the organizations that have meant to much to me by volunteering my time and the occasional donations. When I care about an artist I try to do the right thing and actually purchase their album… Something is different about SomeKindaWonderful. For reasons I have a hard time explaining, I want so badly for them to make it really BIG. They have the ability to have a song on every radio station. Their music isn’t limited by any genre or theme. I want to see how they could effect mainstream music. I wish nothing but the best for these insanely talented, crazy individuals.

I had originally planned to update my thoughts on them individually, like I had in my SomeKindaBlog. There aren’t many interviews that allow people to figure out who they are. However, I can’t. The idea of writing about them individually seems really weird to do now that I have gotten to know them. It is weird living in-between the lines of friendship and fan, especially when you are coming from the fan side of things. You don’t know if they are being nice, because they don’t want to lose a fan or if it is because they really mean it (both?). You want to talk to them and get to know them, but you don’t want them to look at their messages and think “not her again.” I have briefly blogged about this before though, no need to keep going.

For now I will keep doing my part in the “Butterfly Militia”. I will keep meeting other fans and create a community within. I will keep telling strangers, friends, and family for them. When they announce their next tour, I will continue to go to as many shows as finances will allow (hotels are expensive!). Who knows, maybe one day they will be big enough to need a merch girl to come on the road with them. (That is a cool link BTW) I would totally drop everything and live in the back of a van to help their music grow. (As one of my managers said… YOLO haha!) I already work in sales, so selling merch, talking music, and pumping up a crowd I know I can do. I am the social media manager for the company I currently work for. I don’t take up much space or need too many things. 😉 I have good hygiene and I am a pleasant person to be around. It has been seven years since I last lived for a few months sleeping on a bus, but I could do it again. Consider this my resume haha.


Is anyone still with me down here?

I will stop rambling, it is time to get some sleep. Unfortunately, I am not living in the back of a van traveling cross country, I have a 8-5 to get to in a few hours.

If you made it this far you might as well check out SomeKindaWonderful. The CD is cheap and they even have a FREE download of their latest song Rhinestone Melodies Here. Support great people and great musicians. 


Next up on my concert adventures is Bleachers, Neon Trees, HAIM, and Banks this weekend. Then on the 17th I will be driving to see Bleachers and Walk the Moon in Richmond. Until then…. Peace!



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