Anberlin: Final Tour

Wow! What a show!

I first started listening to Anberlin back in 2006. A guy I was dating was a huge fan and introduced me to them. I fell in love with their album, Cities when it was released. If I had done the whole wedding thing “Inevitable” probably would have been our first dance song. “I want to be your last first kiss” I just love it!

One of my concert buddies here in Virginia is a big fan of them still. I kinda stopped listening around 2010-ish. However, when I heard this would be their last tour I set my mind on going. Things changed with my friend so she couldn’t join me. (Her husband surprised her and came home two weeks early after a nine month deployment. Best excuse I have ever heard!)

I am so so so thankful that I went to the show. I wanted to be close enough to see the stage, but being on the rail wasn’t important to me since I don’t know a good chunk of their music anymore. So I didn’t make a reservation at the early entry restaurant across the street. I got to the venue around 4. For New Politics there is usually around 20 people already in line by that point. For Anberlin there was ONE guy sitting there. So I did some shopping and came back at 5pm and I was I think #10 in line.

I ended up in the second row and met some nice people that road tripped from NC. The show was supposed to start at 8pm. At 8:02 the lead singer tweeted that the party was starting at 9pm. People got pretty anxious. I was frustrated, but I knew it would be worth the wait.

Finally the show started and it was just an amazing show all around. They were so good!! They had an ease on stage from doing it for 12 years, but it didn’t seem overly rehearsed like some “older” bands are. The 23 song setlist flew by! Twelve years of amazing music ending is an incredible thing to be apart of. They definitely are going out while they still have it. I really respect that. However now that I started listening to them again about four years, I wish there was another album on the way!

Since it is their last tour I decided to be one of “those fans” and I waited with about 30 other people for them to come to their tour bus. I met all the guys and got my picture taken with each of them. They were all very nice, obviously tired though. I almost missed one. I caught him right before he opened the food to the bus. I am sure he loved that. (Sorry!) It was cold outside, but definitely worth the wait. IMG_2412IMG_2436IMG_2456IMG_2470IMG_2472IMG_2483IMG_2601IMG_2509IMG_2518IMG_2541IMG_2602IMG_2603IMG_2595IMG_2597IMG_2600IMG_2604IMG_2606IMG_2607IMG_2608IMG_2609IMG_2611IMG_2612IMG_2613IMG_2614

It was such a cool experience. I am so so so thankful I went.


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