That time I ALMOST saw Fitz and the Tantrums

Back in June I went to the 96Xfest. (I wish I had blogged that, it was epic) One of the opening bands was Dirty Heads. The sound was a little off for them. I really wasn’t completely sold by their set. However, I enjoy their music and they have some PASSIONATE fans. There is no way they sound that they did that day at all of their shows. There was a monsoon before the show so I really think SOMETHING got messed up along the way.

A few weeks ago I saw they were coming to town again. I bought a ticket to give them another chance.

Well a few days ago the show sold out. Since I am not a die hard fan I decided to see if I could get an obnoxious amount of money for my ticket. If no one bought it I would go to an awesome show. It was a win win.

Well, it didn’t take long, someone bought my $30 ticket for $85. I probably could have gotten more. I was greedy enough asking $85.

I got home from selling the ticket at 3:30pm. I suddenly didn’t have plans for the night…

So I got online and looked for other shows. That’s when I saw it… Fitz and the Tantrums. I am a fan of them and I heard they are amazing live. The Walker has been my ringtone since April. I would love to see them live! Only issue is the show was in Philly. A five hour trip.

It was 3:30pm. The show started at 8:30pm. With an opener I figured F&T wouldn’t start until 9:30ish. So I bought a ticket, jumped off the couch, grabbed some snacks and left.

I was pumped! I had so much adrenaline from my last minute road trip. I didn’t even think for safety reasons to tell someone I was going to Philly.

As I was driving I started thinking. “No one knows I am doing this. I don’t know anything about Philly. I don’t know what the parking situation will be. I will probably have to park far away since I will be getting there so late. I might not be able to squeeze up close enough to see the stage. I am kinda tired.” The bad things added up… so an hour down the road I turned around. I stopped by my office to get the ticket on stub hub quickly. The ticket sold before I made it home from the office.

That was that! One day I will see them… I will just plan it better…




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