I love music. That is no secret. However, I have never been musically gifted. I played flute for a few years and wasn’t all that great. I can’t sing to save my life. But I love it. I spent several years dancing. Then in high school and college I was in color guard so I could perform and be surrounded by music. I loved being a part of the marching band. Later in college I joined Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity. Basically, music is a huge part of my life.

I get pretty passionate when it comes to music. However, I don’t know if I have ever had a band make my heart so happy like SomeKindaWonderful. Even with all the passion I feel towards certain songs, artists, bands… I don’t get wrapped up in the whole fan club thing. I don’t go for the whole Newbs, Beliebers, Smiles, Directioners, Katy Cats, Gaga Monsters, exc. However, this week I have definitely joined the Butterfly Militia. I want to share SKW with the world and I have been sharing it with anyone and everyone who will listen.

I could listen to their album for hours and not get sick of it. Every time I hear it, I feel like I pick up something new. Their songs are all unique and it keeps things interesting. They have music that appeals to all ages. I find myself telling my residents about them, my family and inlaws about them, and even people that are practically strangers on the street about them. I have never wanted to share a band this badly. These guys are too good not to be HUGE.

Jordy is the lead vocals. He is pretty awesome. He is a short white guy with some serious swag. His voice is just amazing! When he is on stage you can see his passion for what he does. He sings with everything that he has in him. I found out at one of the first shows he had a ridiculous fever. I would have never known! The dude goes on stage with light up shoes and some funky patterned pants. It is pretty ridiculous that he is able to pull it off! There is no one I can compare him too, he is just great.

(Matt) Gibson is freakin hilarious! I would love to have a beer with this guy, but looking at twitter, a shot of fireball might be more fun. He is the one who (I assume) does most of the social media, so I feel like I have a better grasp on his personality. He is pretty rad to watch on stage. He is pretty amazing on the guitar, ukulele, and I am sure whatever you throw at him. Again, the passion for music shows in every performance.

Sarah is freakin GORGEOUS! Like wow. I didn’t actually get to meet her in Atlanta which was a little disappointing. From what I can tell on social media she is pretty chill. Her Facebook and twitter seem very inspired. She is freakin hypnotizing on stage. She has these funky dance moves and she is totally in her zone on stage. It is really neat to watch! Oh and of course she sounds amazing too!

Then to be completely honest I don’t know much about Ben and Justin. Justin has a special place in my little musical heart because he actually came up to me in line to thank me for the arrangement I gave them. Again, just going above and beyond. I can’t really figure out when or how he came about with SKW. They don’t have enough interviews for me to figure it out. I know Sarah was hired in an audition. Gibson, Jordy, and Ben were originals. Then there was someone else who is in all the promos… now there is Justin? Maybe he is only along for the tour? Really no freakin clue. (If anyone reading this knows the answer, fill me in yo!)

They are probably sick of all my tweets, instagram posts, and snap chats at this point. I am not trying to be some crazy super fan. That isn’t how I want to be seen. I want them to know how much I love them and their music, but I don’t want to seem crazy. I just can’t help it, I want to tell EVERYONE about them. It isn’t my fault that they read everything that they are tagged in lol. They are really great people. They are so nice to their fans, they really take the extra time to connect. I am super jealous of the ones that have gotten to hang out with them before or after shows. I would love to get to know them outside of social media.

This group though. Seriously. Please go listen to them. Their music keeps me in a constantly good mood every time I listen to them. During the long 4+ hr trips to and from the shows I would play Burn and get that extra burst of energy I needed to keep driving. If you spent all this time to read this blog take some extra time and check out their music. The album is like $10. Somehow you can find $10 to spend on some amazing music. Or fine, it is free on Spotify. Tell me what your favorite genre is and I will hook you up with what song you should listen to first.


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