Everywhere I Go Tour

So, I recapped my video experience and the first two concerts in the Everywhere I Go Tour with New Politics, Bad Suns, and SomeKindaWonderful. Then something happened and it was GONE! Because it was such an amazing experience I am going to take the time and try to recap it one more time. Please WordPress… be kind.


It started out with a post…

So, on October 8th my best friend was in Washington DC for an Air Force Event. I drove up right when I got off work and she left me a key to hang out in her hotel room until the event was over. When I was in the hotel room I saw a post on the New Politics Facebook page asking for extras in their music video on Friday in New York. It was Wednesday night at this point. I was already in DC which is just a few hours from DC. More than a few, but it was okay since it was less than NY to VA Beach. I decided to submit my picture and the information they were asking for. If I wasn’t picked no big deal, but I was glued to my phone from that point on hoping to get a response.

Hold on… what is so big about being an extra for New Politics?

Last year I went to a big concert that Fall Out Boy was headlining. The other bands playing were MSMR, The Last Bison, The Neighborhood, Capital Cities, and you guessed it… New Politics. I was mainly excited for Capital Cities. I didn’t even know Fall Out Boy was still a big deal, it had been at least six or seven years since I listened to them. We got there a little late, because we didn’t care about opening acts too much. We missed MSMR. We got there in time for The Last Bison, a great local band that is doing well regionally. Then New Politics came on the stage. They didn’t stop moving the whole set. Their energy was just unreal to me. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. I didn’t know any of the songs except for Harlem. Their set was over before I knew it. I had a BLAST! Next came the Neighborhood. New politics ruined the Neighborhood for me, because their sound and energy was nothing CLOSE to NP. Anyways, after the concert I spent a few hours trying to find out as much as I could about this trio called New Politics. I was an instant fan.

Everyone knew they were “my band.” When Monumentour was announced I had SEVERAL people contact me to make sure I saw that NP was coming to Virginia Beach. I bought my tickets at 10:01am when they went on sale. **During their Harlem USA tour they didn’t come to my area, so I didn’t see them again. Traveling for a concert didn’t even cross my mind until I did it for Justin Timberlake.**

So I followed their TV appearances, including making all my in-laws watch them on NYE. I watched the Tonight You’re Prefect video over and over again when it was released. Summer came and on the NP Facebook page they announced they were doing a headliner gig in Richmond and the next I think like 15 tickets sold got free meet and greet passes. I decided to just go for it and I got them! So I met NP in July and was blown away by how nice and fun they were as people. Then that show in Richmond will ALWAYS be in my top five best concert experiences. (Right now it is still my number 1. I am trying to be realistic, I have some epic concert plans.)

I saw them again at Monumentour a few days later. Then when they announced their headlining tour was starting the day after my birthday I knew that is what I wanted for my birthday… to follow NP for three of their tour dates.

Now that that is out of the way…

If I blogged more often I wouldn’t have to explain things like that. 😉

So yeah, just the opportunity to try to be an extra in one of their videos made me super excited.

That night in DC my friend and I got SUPER drunk downtown. To give you a picture… at 3am I was kissing the Washington Monument. We spent the next day VERY hungover taking a very slow sightseeing trip around town. At 5pm I didn’t hear anything about the video. I started to lose hope until I got an e-mail right as I was pulling up to the airport asking for my age. I assume it was because I look like a high schooler. That gave me enough hope to drive north towards Baltimore instead of back home. I decided I would go to Baltimore and if I didn’t hear anything else I would turn around and head home at that point.

Well… eventually the e-mail came and I was off to NYC!

Welcome to New York…


After spending an inhumane amount of money on tolls I arrived in NYC around midnight. I used an app called HotelTonight that scored me a room in a fairly affordable price range. I ended up in the Hasidic Jewish Community of Brooklyn. Since they are walkin’ folk I felt a little safer knowing if something happened to me at least there would be witnesses!

My room was super kosher. It had two twin beds, separate sinks for meat and dairy. It was a sweet set up really!

My e-mail with the call time told me to wear “brooklyn/hip hop/hipster” attire. I didn’t have a damn CLUE what that was. I had already stopped by Target on the way up to buy an extra T-shirt, jacket, and new shoes. Since I was coming from DC I didn’t even have an extra outfit for Friday. With the basics, I left my hotel room around 10am and hit the streets of Brooklyn. I walked around the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn which was a neat experience. I grew up outside of Atlanta. I have been in the city, but never as an adult, never alone, and not in Brooklyn! I wasn’t able to find quite what I was looking for and I was so frustrated. I was terrified that I would show up to the shoot and they would tell me I wasn’t what they were looking for and I would have just waisted all that money for gas, hotels, and tolls for nothing.

I hit up Manhattan and found a few basics there. Then I just walked around taking in the sites. It was really neat. Maybe not the safest thing I could have done, but nothing crazy happened to me thankfully. I did take the subway the wrong way, twice. No big deal.

The video…


Call time was at 6pm. The shoot lasted until around 11pm. I met some great people while I was there. The scene was just a little rock concert in a warehouse. I would have been a lot less stressed if they had said “dress for a concert”. None of that hip hop Brooklyn shit. The guys were all really open. Well, I didn’t talk to David too much honestly. I am used to that, he usually does his own thing while Louis and Soren make a connection. It was neat talking to them about their tour and just stuff in general while we were waiting in between takes. I am short, so I was bummed when they put me behind two tall people, and then they put me on the very side of the set. Honestly though, I was just so stoked to be there period. I don’t know what else to say about the video, which seems odd since I spent so much time setting it up. It was just a cool experience seeing the guys off stage, getting to talk to them, seeing the behind the scenes. I met people from France, Poland, and different parts of the US. I got to see the guys with their girlfriends. OH, which is worth talking about for a second. Both David and Louis were with beautiful women as you would expect. I was really looking at David’s girlfriend. There was something about her. After the shoot is when I realized she is one of the actors in The Walking Dead. One of my all time favorite shows and I didn’t recognize her all cleaned up in normal (not blood covered) clothes. I am still annoyed about that one.

Everywhere I Go…. DC

IMG_9934IMG_0039 IMG_0046  IMG_0146   

After a seven hour drive back I worked the day after the shoot and for the next two days after that. Then that Tuesday October 14th I was back on the road going to DC (again). The tour opened at the 9:30 Club. I got there an hour before doors opened and I was SHOCKED by how long the line was already. I read some yelp reviews and I knew there was a bar next to the club that let the first thirty people in and they got first dibs on the barricade. I found that club and stood in line. I was behind some high school girls. A few minutes later their moms got in line behind me and then some other girls got in line behind the moms. Security came over and turned away the girls behind the moms. They had already counted. They asked the moms if they were with their daughters and let them stay. Security assumed I was part of that group so I made it in!! I had a drink… well two drinks at the bar before doors opened. I was the only one drinking beer, or any alcohol so the bartender gave me a discount, which I returned in a large tip of course. I had a feeling most of the people at the concert would be a little younger, but I didn’t think they would ALL be 12-17years old. That was why I had the second beer.

When we got in I was second row. I made friends with a mom and her daughter in front of me from Williamsburg. (Not Brooklyn lol) We had some good conversation. Since I went to the concert alone it was nice to meet people.

The first band was SomeKindaWonderful. I have already had a separate blog about them here: WOO SOMEKINDABLOG. After they played their first song, I looked at my new concert friends and we just said “woah.” We were not expecting them to be so good. I was hooked for the rest of their set. I didn’t even really take pictures, because I was too focused on the show. Just blown away. I had already listened to their album and my favorite songs weren’t likely to be played so I didn’t pay too much attention to them. Not as much as I should have. I did like their stuff though! There is just something about seeing a live show. It transforms the music. After hearing a song live I always have that same high when I hear it from that point on. SKW had my musical heart.

Next up was a very talented band called, Bad Suns. I also didn’t listen to them as much as I should have before the show. The crowd seemed to know who they were and seemed VERY hyped up by them. I wish I had seen them with a different opener honestly. I think I would have a higher opinion. SKW was just so UNIQUE throughout their whole set that it made Bad Suns sound monotone with their setlist. They did put on a great show, it just didn’t do it for me.

Then of course New Politics lit up the stage with their show. Before they went on I used my portable phone charger to make my way on the rail. I was on Soren’s side of the stage. I spent their whole set dancing. It was such a RUSH! They played almost all their songs from their first two albums and included two songs from their third upcoming album. It was just awesome. I like New Politics, because of who they are on the stage. I am not really a big punk rock fan, definitely more alternative. There is just something about those three guys that gets me though.

After the show I did the meet and greet. When I walked up I was thrilled they still recognized me. It had only been four days, but who knows if they were actually paying attention to faces at the video shoot. When I walked up Louis (um or maybe it was Soren. It was a month ago, give me a break) looked at me and said “well there is a familiar face!” We hugged, we talked a few moments, and then we did some weird hand shake, hold exchange. I don’t know what it was. Everyone was watching us so I was a little uncomfortable.

Everywhere I Go…. NC


I drove back from DC that same night, then woke up the next day ready to do it again! This time my drive was about 30 minutes longer, I went to Carrboro, NC. The guys (David) snap chatted me back a few times during my drive which gave me plenty of energy to make the trip.

This venue was in a college town. I was expecting the crowd to be a little older. Most of the crowd still rocked those big black Xes on their hands. I didn’t get there early enough. I was on the road about an hour after I planned. I was about the sixth row when we all filed in. I used being a single concert goer to my advantage and squeezed to the third row. The second row seemed pretty impenetrable so I didn’t bother. I tried to make conversation with the people around me, but they didn’t want anything to do with me. It was all good once the music started.

SomeKindaWonderful did the same setlist again, but it felt like the first time all over again for me. There is something about this band. I’m telling you. Again, you can check out my previous post for more details about them. I still felt the same about Bad Suns.

Nw Politics again blew my mind. The stage was smaller, but the crowd had more energy. It was a little too much energy for me honestly. I know that is the worst thing to say. I just had a bad vibe from the people around me at this show. It wasn’t the same we are all here for the same love that I felt in DC. These kids were vicious. I hung out after the show for the meet and greet again. The guys actually said my name when I came over to them. It was pretty cool to be recognized. When I was in line for the meet and greet I befriended a mom and her daughter again. That is kind of my niche I guess. I am in the middle of their ages so I can connect with both the mom and the daughter.

How I spooned with New Politics…


I went out to my car after the show and went to make a bagel and peanut butter sandwich to get me home. (Great road food!) Except last night when I got back from DC I took my knife out of the car to wash. I didn’t have anything! There were some girls waiting around for the guys by their tour bus. I saw their moms by the cars so I asked around to see if anyone had a knife, spoon, something…. no one had something. I was pretty hungry at this point. I needed to get on the road. I didn’t want to get lost in a strange town after midnight. While I was sitting in my car weighing my options Soren came out and was talking to some of the girls that were waiting. I got his attention and I told him my situation. He ran in to his tour bus and a few minutes later he came out with a spoon for me! He could have easily just said he was sorry but he didn’t have anything. Instead, I have this super awkward story. I made my bagel and as I was sitting there I realized how STUPID I was for not getting a selfie with him. So I got out of my car again and got my selfie with him. Louis had come out at this point, but my intent was NOT to wait by the busses for extra meet and greet time. So I didn’t stay to chat. On the road I went…

Candy and Booze…


After the show I had a few days of work before taking a trip to Georgia. I was in my best friend’s wedding on the 25th and the Everywhere I Go Tour was going to be in Atlanta on the 21st. It was an easy decision to include a third tour date in with my plans.

I knew I would be seeing NP again. I wanted to do something to commemorate the last two weeks. I left NC with them knowing my name. That felt good. I have never been “that girl” when it comes to celebrities. I have never joined a fan club or written letters to bands or movie stars telling them how they have impacted my life. I had mentioned to the guys at the NC meet and greet asking when we would get a beer together. I took the booze idea and ran with it.

Saturday before the show I picked up some craft supplies, candy, and lots of booze. I had some bumps in the project. Like my hot glue wasn’t working on the tule so I had to use paperclips to pin the fabric to the styrofoam. I am sure it looked RIDICULOUS when the guys took the gift apart. In theory they were too drunk by that point to care. Right? I made one for New Politics and since the Wednesday show I interacted with SKW a bit on twitter, instagram, and snap chat. I already loved their music. The social media interactions made me appreciate them as people and not just the performers on the stage. So, I made them one too! Plus it gave me an excuse to meet them since I hadn’t been able to after the last two shows. I wanted to get to know them better, bribes are usually pretty effective.

Last stop… Atlanta


I drove down to Georgia Monday before the Tuesday night show. I met up with my friend from high school and we grabbed lunch and went to Target. At Target I picked out two ridiculous cards for the booze arrangement. It was hard picking out a card because they were either boring or had a sexual reference. I did NOT want to be remembered as some obsessed fan girl. That isn’t who I am. I don’t doodle their names, I don’t fantasize about being their groupie, none of that shit. I just want to have a beer and chill with them lol. So anyways, I ended up finding two cards with these ridiculous guys in costumes.

We got to the venue around 3:30-4ish and there was already a line. Not too many people, probably about 20. We saw the guys of NP walking around between the venue and their bus. Lauren and I waited for people to show up in line behind us so we would have the people in front and behind us to hold our spots. We went to Lauren’s car and grabbed the NP arrangement. We didn’t have a strategy. We were just going to stand by the bus with a whole bunch of candy and booze until someone came out. Fortunately Louis came out quickly and he was very impressed! He really seemed excited! He went in to get David who came out. He was on his phone the whole time, I swear in my pic of us hugging he was looking at his phone behind me. Not the coolest thing he could have done, but I was “that fan” barging in on their personal time. No big deal.

We went back to the line and a little while later the SKW van pulled up. So we did the gift exchange round two. Again, I felt really bad barging in on their time, but they didn’t seem bothered by me giving them gifts. It was nice to meet them and of course they were just so nice. I wanted to talk to them a little bit, but they needed to get ready for the show.

Holy crap I have written way more than I intended to! I won’t write about the same concert AGAIN. Y’all get the point by now that I loved it.

After the show I got to talk to Soren again for a few minutes. He tried to convince me that they remember their fans and that they recognize us. I am sure that there is some truth to that. I like the idea of being remembered, but I am sure by now they have forgotten my name. They hopefully will always remember my gift though.

Same with SKW. Well, I know they haven’t forgotten my name, they see everything I tweet and post on instagram, sometimes even when they aren’t tagged. Two of them actually accepted my FB friend request and one of them followed me back on instagram. I have more of a chance of them always remembering “SomeKindaAnne” since they are just starting out. Over time though I am sure memories will make things cloudy. They have had several adventures with their fans in other cities already. I only got 5 minutes with them. That is all okay. I am actually a little worried they they think I am TOO in to their band. I really don’t want to be “that girl”. I don’t scream in delight when they favorite their tweets. The idea of meeting them again doesn’t make my heart race. (Mental note to blow about the super fans I have been watching in the NP group chat on Skype. These chicks get INTENSE. They make me a little uncomfortable.) I love SKW’s music and I think they seem like fantastic people! I tweet and post about them so much, because I really want them to make it BIG… like right the fuck now. Their music really has something for everyone so it is really easy to recommend. SKW doesn’t try to stick to a genre that defines what they do. NP and some of the other bands I listen to don’t have the same universal appeal. I just really hope they understand that and don’t think I am some crazy fan girl. :-/


Well, I think 3800 words sums it up pretty well. Way to go if you actually read all of this! I have another show coming up (hopefully) at the end of their tour. I already have another gift idea for that one. 😉

Well… I will close with my old fraternity motto… “Vita Brevis, Ars Longa” Life is short, but art is long… this post was even longer. 😉


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